Steel Tongue Drum

Posted: April 14, 2020
Steel Tongue Drum
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Want to march to the beat of your own steel tongue drum? Don't worry, it's not the kind of percussion instrument you mash on like a drum kit. The steel tongue drum is relaxing, meditative; its 11-tone pentatonic scales and 3-octave range produce clean, Buddha-like sounds. Best of all, this drum is for beginners, and requires no musical background, so the spouse / parents / siblings / roomies / kids (you know you always wanted to be a drummer, Dad!) you're currently housebound with won't threaten to throw you to the corona as you learn to play.

I mean, probably. Though in my experience, no matter how easy someone says something is to learn or do, there's always a segment of the population that manages to F it up. For example, according to my wife, when it comes to self-watering plants and not bringing up politics - just keeping my mouth shut, just not saying anything - around my father-in-law, that segment is me.

The steel tongue drum shown here has a 12" diameter and is made of a steel-titanium alloy spray-coated in your choice of 6 colors. The percussion set comes with a pair of mallets, tone stickers, a set of finger sleeves / picks, a carrying case, and a music book to help you learn to make tongues wag at your steel tongue drumming.

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