Posted: February 28, 2013
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I'm not sure who decided mixtapes were in need of a resurgence, but to whomever it was, congratulations. The Aussies were listening. And they've added upgrades in the form of NFC chips, QR codes, and the removal of old-school cassettes' third dimension. Meet Sharetapes, slim cards for storing and sharing music and video mixes uploaded from sites like Spotify, YouTube, and 8tracks. Record your favorite mix and, just like John Cusack or Molly Ringwald would have done in the olden days, present it to your most favorite crush or honey for decidedly non-olden-days scanning and playback with a smartphone or tablet.

Once you've created a playlist suitably moving and accurately depicting you as the progressive musical taste master that you are, head to sharetapes.com and hit the site's record button to transfer selections to a Sharetape. Post-delivery, once recipients are finished blushing and mumbling an awkward thanks, they can listen to your carefully selected media by either tapping the card with NFC (recent Android, Windows or Blackberry devices), scanning its QR code (using the reader app available to all smartphones and tablets), or, barring possession of any of this communication equipment (i.e., people who still use land lines and flip phones, i.e., the only people who will likely really dig a Sharetape) logging onto the Sharetapes Website and hitting the play button.

Sharetape orders ship in packs of 5.

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