Rhythmo DIY BeatBox

Posted: August 16, 2019

Cardboard goes from breakdancing dance mat to breakdancing beat maker with Rhythmo's forthcoming BeatBox. The DIY music maker is designed for budding producers and DJs who don't yet have the skills or cash to invest in a full-on gear system and workstation. Rhythmo provides a low-cost introduction to making music with an on-board amplifier, speaker, and battery assemblies. All house inside the ever-versatile cardboard box.

Rythmo says they made the DIY BeatBox for assembly in under 1 hour, and easy enough that parents and teachers can use it to help teach STEM principles to their kids and students. Various buttons, knobs, and design options allow for BeatBox personalization, as, of course, do the sounds music maestros use it to create.

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