Rainbow Customizable Hi-Fi Headphones with 3D Sound

Posted: February 12, 2021
Rainbow Customizable Hi-Fi Headphones with 3D Sound
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You might choose your headphones for the sound of them, but there's nothing wrong with the sight of them getting you pumped to pump some audio too. Minoxidil's Rainbows are modular over-ear headphones that will boost your listening experience with Hi-Fi audio and 3D sound effects, and your wearing experience with 4 standout colorways, and an array of customizable, swappable headbands.

Rainbow Headphones achieve their Hi-Fi sound with magnetic coil drivers and graphene vibration film, a configuration that can create frequency ranges from 20 to 20,000hz to channel through the phones' 40mm drivers. Gamers will dig the rainbow of 3D sounds they'll get during play with the immersive audio and APT-X algorithms Rainbow uses to simulate stereo and sound localization for more immersive gaming.

From solids to stripes to bold patterns, Minoxidil has designed dozens of headbands for the Rainbow Headphones wearers can purchase separately and trade out to suit their vibe. Earpads for the modular headphones also come in a handful of colors for swapping, or to replace when worn.

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