Pykmax Ergonomic Guitar Pick

Posted: April 18, 2014
Pykmax Ergonomic Guitar Pick
$12 - $14
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They call it a high performance guitar pick, which in my mind means that the Pykmax should do the guitar strumming for me. Like a player piano, but completely inconspicuously so that the ladies I'm trying to impress think it really is me busting out "More Than Words" or "Wild Horses" or some other schmaltz that could possibly get me laid. But really, the Pykmax gets its high performance designation from its ergonomics. Said to fit perfectly in a player's hand, the pick reduces the amount of "gripping" required to play, which in turn increases hand maneuverability and control.

The Pykmax is made up of a standard pick hinged to a curved finger grip, the latter shaped sort of like the result of someone squeezing a wad of Silly Putty in their hand. According to its makers, the design was "precision-engineered" to fit unnoticeably in a player's hand, even when playing for hours. This promotes faster strumming and picking with more control, as well as cuts down on the frustration and mistakes brought on by fatigue during long practices and jam sessions.

Pykmax guitar picks come in colors red, purple, and green, plus sizes for adult and youth guitar players. At this time, it appears models are available only for right-handed musicians.

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