Pro-Ject x Metallica Ninja Star Turntable

Posted: August 04, 2022
Pro-Ject x Metallica Ninja Star Turntable
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Metallica's Ninja Star Turntable, a collaboration with Pro-Ject Audio, brings back childhood memories of possibly being afraid of the song "Enter Sandman," and having a babysitter who always played it about 17 times throughout the night, and then shut me in my room to go to sleep. So, thanks to Carrie Cummings, I think the jutting points and stylized reimagining of the Metallica Ninja Star logo into a record player is kinda cool looking, and fine for other dudes to own, but...I would never let that piece of merch puked up straight from Hell into my home.

From the bottom up, the Pro-Ject x Metallica Ninja Star Turntable is made of an MDF plinth shaped into the band's iconic symbol, a mirror-finished metal top plate, a heavy glass platter (the red Metallica record on top in the photo above is not included), and an aluminum sub-platter. At printing, the Ninja Star Turntable was available for pre-order from the Metallica online store, with anticipated shipping beginning November 4, 2022.

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