Pirelli P ZERO Sound F1 Racing Tire Speaker

Posted: July 27, 2018
Pirelli P ZERO Sound F1 Racing Tire Speaker
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iXOOST has teamed up with F1 tire* maker Pirelli to develop the P ZERO Sound, a speaker built inside a real Pirelli race car tire. Well, race car tire, junior.

Pirelli also makes a series of scaled-down P ZERO racing tires, called Wind Tunnel Tires, that are exact replicas of the larger versions. F1 teams use them on half-size model cars for aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. And now, iXOOST uses them as the framework of $2,800 speakers.

Not that big of a leap, considering some of iXOOST's other projects.

Ye motorsports enthusiasts drawn to the look of the P ZERO Sound might not be as interested in the speaker's specs, especially if you have no intent to buy one, but here are a few anyway: 100W wireless surround sound system; 25mm silk tweeter; and 100mm midwoofer.

*or "tyre" if you like.

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