Pickaso Guitar Bow

Posted: April 21, 2023
$79.99 - $99
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You can strum your guitar, you can pick your guitar, you can slide your guitar, and now thanks to Pickaso, you can bow your guitar. Nope, not tie your guitar up in a pretty bow, and not bow to your guitar - though feel free to do either of those things before and after you try the Pickaso, but bow its strings using Pickaso's patent pending Guitar Bow.

What makes the Pickaso Guitar Bow a guitar-specific bow? The brand says it's the first that's ever been made with hair on both sides and, designed specifically for acoustic guitars and acoustic bass guitars, musicians will be able to use the Guitar Bow to imitate violin / cello sounds.

Check out the video above to see the Guitar Bow in action, and then head over to the Pickaso site to learn more, and enjoy a full collection of artists playing songs with the bow.

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