OwnPhones 3D Custom Printed Earbuds

Posted: April 04, 2015
OwnPhones 3D Custom Printed Earbuds
$249 - $349
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Know what's as unique as a snowflake? Your ear canals. Everyone's and every one is sized and shaped just enough differently that no standard set of earbuds ever fits quite right. They either fall out when you work out, walk, or cock your head too far to the left, or they start to make your ears feel all achy and sore during extended wear. But now with OwnPhones we have a gallant attempt to accommodate ear canals' special snowflake status with the creation of earbuds 3D printed to fit the precise layout of an individual's ears.

Use the OwnPhones app to turn your smartphone camera into a 3D scanner, and follow the prompts to take 3D photos of your ears. Zap the data over to OwnPhones and they'll custom print you a set of perfectly molded, ergonomic earbuds that fit like a long lost body part. Down to the millimeter. They won't jostle when you walk, fall out when your run, or fly across the room into some dude's gin & tonic when you dance.

OwnPhones, available for pre-order at printing (anticipated July 2015 ship date), come in 4 styles: Fit; Designer Fit; Smart Fit; and Jewelry. All are 3D printed based on ear scans, all are Bluetooth 4.0 wireless, and all have various customization options to suit the buyer's fashion sense. The Smart Fit Collection also incorporates SoundScaping for control over outside noise infiltration, plus an Own Status light that users set to Red, Yellow, or Green to reflect whether you'll get a smile or a slap if you interrupt their OwnPhones session. The Jewelry Collection further enhances earbud style, flair, and the appearance that whatever the wearer shoved down his ear as a child really did take root and start to grow.

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