Otamatone Japanese Portable Synthesizer

Posted: December 20, 2018
Otamatone Japanese Portable Synthesizer
$42.99 - $82.99
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Taaaake Otamatone meeee, takeOtamatoneme, taaaaake meeee.... If you didn't go straight to the video of The Real Sully G using a bunch of these fantastic Japanese portable synthesizers to record "Take On Me" before reading this, check it out, dude.

Part musical instrument and part toy, Otamatones claim to be easy for all ages to pick up and play, though I'm sure a good bit of practice is necessary before you can get Oto-Ninja or Oto-Kabuki to pitch out the greatest hits of the 80s. Otamatones come in a ton of different characters, as well as less amusing plain colors, and sound almost as funny as they look. A little like less annoying bagpipes.

The Japanese issues are electronic, battery-operated with AAAs. Running your fingers up and down the Otamatone shaft (oh stop!) produces low, medium, or hit pitches, while squeezing your musical buddy's cheeks gives you a ringing vibrato.

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