Nothing ear (1) Wireless Earbuds

Posted: July 29, 2021
Nothing ear (1) Wireless Earbuds

"Dude, check out my new wireless earbuds." "Dude, where? I see nothing." "Naw, dude, you see Nothing. Nothing ear (1)'s - they're tiny, they're wireless, and they're clear." "Dude, sweet. Why clear?" "Dude...I don't know. So everyone can still see my sexy ear canals?"

After months of (fabricated) anticipation, Nothing has finally revealed in full their forthcoming ear (1) wireless earbuds. And, fine, they're not really clear clear, they just have a see-through casing that gives you a little look at the hardware inside.

The "nothing" part of Nothing earbuds is more likely their weight - a mere 4.7 grams. During development, Nothing collaborated with Teenage Engineering on the sound such a lightweight piece of tech is able to produce. The ear (1) has an 11.6mm speaker driver and active noise canceling abilities. It uses Clear Voice Technology and 3 HD mics for phone calls, with algorithms in place to isolate and amplify your voice for clarity and accuracy, even when you're walking in the wind, or breathing heavy. You ol' mouth breather, you. The earbuds should also hold their charge for up to 34 hours of listening, which is about 32 hours longer than my stinkin' AirPods.

For those currently familiar only with The Gift of Nothing, the brand of Nothing is a new Carl Pei company (and for those not familiar with Pei, he co-founded One Plus. And for those not familiar with One Plus...oh, go look it up.)

Upon release, Nothing ear (1) Wireless Earbuds are slotted to bleed you of $99, a mere paper cut compared to the price gouging I would have thought they'd carry.

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