Kaleidoloop Sound Collector

Posted: November 03, 2012
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Since I am not the guy from Police Academy, I am generally at a disadvantage when telling a story because, try as I might, my attempts to enhance its delivery with the accurate incorporation of sound effects usually crumble into a messy sea of shrieks, grunts, and projectile saliva. I won't say this is a problem of epic proportions--except for the person on the receiving end of my spit storm--but it is a minor personal failing that Critter & Guitari's Kaleidoloop can help me address. The Kaleidoloop, a portable sound collector, gathers and manipulates all kinds of sounds for use in elaborate tale-tellings, or any other communicative endeavor in life.

Recordable sounds might originate from traditional media, such as musical instruments or mouths, but those emanating from the likes of street traffic, kitchen gadgets, even a bat cracking a baseball...or something of the sort...are also recordable, tweakable, and mashable with the Kaleidoloop. Use the device to pass a sound from one to another, playback in reverse, alter playback speed, and make new harmonies. Using several Kaleidoloops together also allows for building and layering several different sounds. Everything recorded is easily manipulated with the box's straightforward controls, and thousands of tracks can be stored permanently in Kaleidoloop memory.

Additional Kaleidoloop features: 16 bit/22050 Hz sound recording; 1.6 hours of recording time on the included 256 MB removable SD card; a loud 3W speaker; 1/4" input and output jacks; and an electret microphone.

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