Hadoro Custom AirPods & Carbon Fiber Case

Posted: August 20, 2018
Hadoro Custom AirPods & Carbon Fiber Case
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One of Hadoro's latest custom mods takes aim at AirPods, giving Apple's earbuds a matte black wash, a carbon fiber composite charging case, and a $700+ price tag. But hey, if the carbon fiber AirPods are too spendy for you, Hadoro also makes an alligator skin case for around $50 less.

Aside from carbon fiber's trendiness, I'm not sure there's much benefit in applying the ultra-lightweight weave to a case that's already clocking in at just 1.34 ounces. But Hadoro says the resultant mod is also 5 times stronger and twice as stiff as steel. And that it looks sick as all get out. So I guess if you're rich and clumsy, carbon fiber-housed AirPods are a good buy.

The AirPods charging case has a visible fiber weave pattern with a graphite finish, and is engraved with Hadoro's logo.

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