Conduction Labs Allegro Open-Ear Headphones

Posted: February 10, 2022
Conduction Labs Allegro Open-Ear Headphones
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Conduction Labs Allegro Earphones send audio right into your earhole without ever touching it. Kind of like how your brother used to dangle his finger in front of your face, sending peak levels of annoyance and rage right into your brain, while still being able to chant, "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!"

The difference is the Allegro Headphones do it in a good way.

Using directional audio technology, Conduction Labs are able to use an open-ear headphone design that maintains your connection to your surroundings while on the go. That is, whether you're out running, walking the dog, or just zoned out and meandering with Rammstein jacked up to full volume, you'll still be able to hear a friend yell your name, a stranger say "Excuse me," or a truck honk at you to pay the F attention.

Allegros weigh just 18 grams and are IPX5 waterproof for use in bad weather and during sweaty workouts. They also have a mic for taking calls. Cost wise, Conduction Labs has them available for pretty cheap, especially relative to other high-quality earbuds and headphones, both open- and closed-ear alike.

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