Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Music Remote

Posted: August 26, 2019
Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Music Remote
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Sometimes a little chub can come in handy. Chubby Buttons is an easy-touch Bluetooth music remote. Wearable, stickable, clickable, and water-resistant, the oversized buttons let you control your audio without digging around for your phone and fumbling with its touchscreen, or battling with touch-sensitive earbuds when you're wearing winter gloves. When you're in the middle of a motorcycle or mountain bike ride. When you're in the shower.

Chubby Buttons say they're compatible with all music apps, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers, and don't require any additional apps to pair and use. Buttons enable playing / pausing tunes, skipping tracks forward and backward, controlling volume, and taking remote selfies. The latter just in case you don't have a huge willy to do it for you.

The Chubby Buttons controller is water-resistant enough to wear in the snow and rain, and stick up in the shower. It has a nano-suction backing that will adhere to tile, mirrors, car radios, etc. It also comes with an armband that's stretchy and adjustable enough to slip over puffy winter coats, and a lanyard for backpack attachment. Chubby Buttons use also helps save phone battery life.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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