BALMUDA The Speaker

Posted: October 30, 2022
BALMUDA The Speaker
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BALMUDA The Speaker is BALMUDA's much-anticipated follow-up to BALMUDA The...Toaster? Huh. Who knew the experts on steaming bread into toast were also experts on acoustics? Wonder what paradoxical method BALMUDA uses to "reproduce the vocally-driven and three dimensional sound of a live performance" in their speaker. Maybe sound transmission through a vacuum?

Well, actually, yes. Sort of. BALMUDA The Speaker sets a 3" speaker with an 8-watt amp inside a glass tube body reminiscent of a valve amplifier, but faces the speaker upward - straight upward - to produce 360-degree sound. Also inside the tube are a smattering of sound-reactive LED lights, plus 3 additional glass cylinders to amplify their effects, and 3 lighting modes to choose from, allowing BALMUDA The Speaker to create a fully immersive listening-viewing experience in your home. BALMUDA compares it to the feeling of a live show.

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