Bacce Occ6 Dragon Skin Handmade Electric Guitar

Posted: January 08, 2019
Bacce Occ6 Dragon Skin Handmade Electric Guitar
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Despite its price, I don't think Daniel Cabezas made his Bacce Occ6 electric guitar out of real dragon skin. But he's done a pretty damn good job with the substitutes he had (leather and paint) creating a handmade instrument that's still close to the stuff of legend.

Bacce Guitars are all built from a billet, and finished by hand. Most are one of a kind, including the Bacce Occ6 dragon skin piece. Cabezas shaped the electric guitar's solid body and neck from mahogany, and then added a zebrawood fretboard, an ABM black bridge, Sperzel guitar tuners, and The Creamery pickups. The Occ6 Chinces dragon-themed leathercraft covers the front of the instrument's body.

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