M5 Titanium Nano EDC Blade

Posted: June 13, 2022
M5 Titanium Nano EDC Blade
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The M5 Titanium Nano EDC Blade is tiny, tactile, and ready to tackle tasks by the ton. Or at least, like, the handful, but that ruins my wordplay. A new issue from Gadget Master, the M5 is a fetching stainless utility blade housed in a titanium body. Its triangular shape and brass deployment knob give the piece a modern, attractive look, while 3 adjustable, lockable blade notches and an ergonomic design drive its functionality, and make the M5 more than just a pretty face.

The M5 Titanium Nano is 27.5mm long x 10mm wide, fitted with a 23mm long x 1.2mm thick blade. See it in action, and pledge to score one of the EDC beauts yourself on Kickstarter through July 7, 2022.

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