LIFEID Medical Alert Bracelet

Posted: September 18, 2021
LIFEID Stripe Medical Alert Bracelet

The LIFEID Medical Alert Bracelet isn't the sexiest piece of jewelry I've ever seen, but neither is your fitness tracker. And, hey, neither is dying because the first responders trying to save your life after a car crash don't know you have epilepsy or are allergic to latex.

The LIFEID is a web-enabled, GPS-assisted smart medical ID whose QR code holds all the pertinent health information you care to share with the personnel who scan it. And no, given scans are intended to happen when you're not in a position to share medical details yourself, the LIFEID is obviously not password-protected. So conceivably anyone close and covert enough could scan it without your permission. But in my experience, QRs are more likely to be a giant P in the A to get my phone to read than super easy to scan quick without the wearer noticing, so I wouldn't be too worried about privacy here.

Plus, anytime someone scans a LIFEID Medical Alert Bracelet, the company sends a text saying as much to the emergency contacts you've stored in your LIFEID account. Your GPS location at the time is also included in the text.

The account itself is a free online profile that allows LIFEID members to store unlimited medical information. Unlike engraved bracelets and medical ID tags, the LIFEID has room for more than a few lines of conditions and their explanations.

The LIFEID Medical Alert Bracelets shown here are attached to a silicone pin-tuck band, available in a handful of different colors.

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