Lewis N. Clark Safebox Portable Safe

Posted: April 12, 2021
Lewis N. Clark Safebox Portable Safe
$31.31 - $49.99
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The Lewis N. Clark Safebox is a slash-resistant portable safe with a 3-digit resettable combination lock that comes in 3 sizes. Its rolltop closure, Magnaloft construction, and locking buckle will secure the bag to any stationary object, such as a park bench, golf cart, fence post, or lounger, plus keep your valuables inside protected from both cut-and-runs, and outdoor elements, including water, sand, dust, and debris. Use a Safebox at the beach or pool, hotels and campsites, and work / study sessions at coffee shops, libraries, and parks.

Lewis N. Clark's small Safebox Portable Safe fits a standard phone, keys, and wallet. The medium upgrades to an iPad, wallet, keys, and a few smaller pieces of EDC. The large Safebox brings anti-theft security to a full surface tablet, along with the aforementioned valuables.

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