Kaweco Limited Edition Bronze Sport Ballpoint Pen

Posted: March 22, 2023
Kaweco Limited Edition Bronze Sport Ballpoint Pen
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All the third place finishers out there, have I got a Kaweco Bronze Sport Ballpoint Pen for you! The ballpoint is part of a limited edition series for the German brand, which also includes fountain and rollerball pens, and a mechanical pencil. All are made from solid bronze, with brushed finishes to give them "an elegant yet unpretentious look." The perfect look, in my opinion, for users who couldn't swing placing first or second.

As you'd expect, a ballpoint pen smithed from bronze has some heft to it, but Kaweco says its weightiness is well-balanced, and perfect for the man hands out there that need a more substantial writing instrument they won't inadvertently break in in half...or crack apart like a lobster tail, for ye Seinfeld fans...while using.

The Kaweco Bronze Sport Ballpoint Pen is 10.5 cm long, and comes standard with a blue, 1.0mm thick D1 ink refill.

Oh, and if you're wondering if gripping a pen made entirely of bronze will make your hand smell like metal, the answer is yes!

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