IKEA Faltmal Convertible Pillow & Wearable Quilt

Posted: March 31, 2021
Faltmal Convertible Pillow & Wearable Quilt
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No Falt or malintent with IKEA's new Faltmal pillow and wearable quilt combo. It's like a multi-tool for relaxation, coziness, and comfort. And, unlike nearly everything else IKEA sells, you won't require said relaxation, coziness, and comfort as a result of your efforts to put together the Faltmal pillow-quilt. It comes with no assembly required.

So maybe pick one up along with the IKEA TV stand and bookshelf, for use after your time battling in the ring with those.

The Faltmal recruits both zippers and buttons to achieve its hybrid status. A pair of zips condense and contain it for use as a square cushion, while the buttons snap around your back to keep the Faltmal from sliding off when you convert it into a wearable quilt. Or, if you prefer, contemporary Norse god robe.

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