WT2 Plus Translation Earphones

Posted: July 22, 2019
WT2 Plus Translation Earphones
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WT2 Plus Translation Earphones are language translators made for anyone who gets stuck in a perpetual state of confusion and WTF (what the foreign language?!) when trying to communicate while traveling, or when spending time with people who don't speak the same native tongue they do. The smart buds are designed to work in 3 different modes, and in near real-time, translating bilingual conversations spoken in 36 languages and over 84 dialects.

Users can set the WT2 Plus system to translated in the following ways:

  • Simul Mode - Hands-free, just talk and listen as you would in natural conversation. Both parties must be wearing one of the WT2 Plus Earphones for this mode.
  • Touch Mode - Touch the button on the side of the earphone to speak, and the release it to send the translation. Both parties must be wearing one of the WT2 Plus Earphones for this mode.
  • Speak Mode - Use your mobile phone as a speaker, so more than 2 people can hear the conversation (e.g., at a restaurant).

During translation, language comes through audibly to your earpiece, as well as in writing to the WT2 Plus app on your phone. Note: to use the WT2 Plus translation system, you must have an internet connection.

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