Wristify Body Temperature Regulator

Posted: November 01, 2013
Wristify Body Temperature Regulator

Much of the hype surrounding Wristify addresses the potential impact the thermoelectric bracelet could have on contemporary society's heating/cooling energy consumption. But its creators, a group of MIT students who won the university's annual MADMEC competition for their invention, say the idea for the wrist gadget stemmed more from a desire to address a classic first-world problem: the dudes in a room moving to blast the AC while the girls complain that they're going to lose all feeling in their fingertips if someone doesn't turn the heat on.

Hey, I'm all for conservation efforts and making a difference in the world and whatever, but if we're talking about what actually motivates me to, like, get off my ass and take action, I have to agree with the Wristify Scooby gang: it's personal comfort. It's that I frikkin' hate being too cold or too hot.

The glorious twist Wristify takes on body temperature regulation is its focus on manipulating our brains instead our environments. Rather than exacting physical changes on the ambient temperature by tweaking thermostats or plugging in fans and heaters, Wristify delivers an instant sensation to the wrist that affects how hot or cold we believe we are. Think of suddenly feeling as if you have stepped into a cold shower or slid into a hot bath. The effect...if effective...brings our bodies to a level of thermal stasis.

With $10,000 in competition booty in tow, the Wristify team will continue to develop their bracelet for public consumption. Join their mailing list to follow its progress and receive updates every time a menopausal woman successfully out-Wristifies a hot flash.

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