Winston Online Privacy Device

Posted: May 22, 2019
$189 - $229
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What Winston here is suggesting is online privacy. Total browsing anonymity. Scrambling your internet activity to strip away invasive corporate tracking and surveillance that don't just record your activities, but also slow down your surfing experience. Ha! Hahahaha! It's almost as absurd as Samwell Tarly proposing democracy to the lords and ladies of Westeros!

Except Winston is really trying to do it. The online privacy device is a plug-and-play hardware filter designed for home internet users. Connect it between your router and modem and, according to Winston engineers, within 60 seconds the box will "scramble, encrypt, and anonymize the activity on every internet-connected device in your home." All of them. Even the refrigerator. Even the light bulbs.

Winston shares some characteristics with VPNs, but claims to be faster, as well as streaming-friendly. Winston works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Spotify, plus IoT devices such as Nest and Canary.

Winston hardware consists of an aluminum enclosure housing a robust processor that runs filtering algorithms to stop tracking and block ads. Winston says its compatibility with computers, laptops, phones, tables, and smart TVs will even put an end to the creepy cruise ads that show up on your browser after you talk about needing a vacation.

As a zero-knowledge platform, Winston says no one, not even their team, can access or sell your personal data. The system updates automatically to enhance its protection and respond to new threats as they arise. It also gives you real-time breakdowns of everything it has blocked.

Read more about the Winston online privacy device and pledge for one of your own here on Kickstarter through June 30, 2019.

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