WeWALK Smart Cane Attachment

Posted: September 09, 2019
WeWALK Smart Cane Attachment
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While the WeWALK sure isn't as cute, furry, and lovable as a seeing eye dog, this smart cane attachment for the blind and visually impaired can provide some of the same benefits. And, fine, with ultrasonic sensors and app integration, in other ways, the WeWALK can do even more.

WeWALK attaches to the top of a traditional white cane. It has a touchpad and Bluetooth connectivity that enable it to perform its 3 primary smart features. The first is purely part of the hardware, an ultrasonic sensor installed inside the apparatus that vibrates to alert users of obstacles above chest level.

The second requires the Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone, and the WeWALK app. From here users can use the touchpad to access various applications, such as navigation, without wasting a hand holding their phone. Expanding from here, WeWALK's third benefit is its ability to evolve with integrations. Currently it has integrations with Google Maps and Voice Assistant, and down the line the cane attachment hopes to further assist the blind and visually impaired with the incorporation of transportation and ride share apps.

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