WEHEAD Spatial Communication Display

Posted: February 27, 2023
WEHEAD Spatial Communication Display
$1,555 - $4,555
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And for my next Zoom meeting, I will be...Johnny 5 from Short Circuit! The WEHEAD spatial communication display is a gadget that robotifies your face, and gives you a physical presence when you dial in remote to meetings. The standalone device sits on the conference table and distributes the remote attendee's facial features across HD displays that form a 3D, Transformers-lookin' head shape.

In addition, the WEHEAD's built-in motors detect and replicate its current occupant's head movements, plus enhance eye contact, and pair with spatial audio to create more natural interactions for those in a room with those who are not. I mean, more natural except for the fact that the person dialing in is represented by a disembodied robot head.

At printing, WEHEAD was available for preorder in Founders and Pro Editions, both anticipated to ship in Spring 2023.

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