Wearbuds - Wireless Earbuds with Wristband Charger

Posted: July 07, 2019
Wearbuds - Wireless Earbuds with Wristband Charger
$99 - $149
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Wearbuds see your true wireless earbuds-ness, Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds, and raise you a wearable wristband as their charger! The sound-channeling ear nuggets have the same desirable features as other wireless earbuds - Bluetooth 5, a Qualcomm audio chipset, graphene-augmented drivers, and IPX6 water-resistance - but instead of living in a slippery charging case you can lose from your pocket or to the abyss of your backpack, Wearbuds store and charge inside a fitness band buckled to your wrist.

The Wearbuds wristband also doubles as a fitness tracker so you don't have to double up on wristbands.

Wearbuds earbuds click flush inside the outer frame of the band's watch face. To access and remove them, press your thumb and point finger against the buds to pop them out partway, and then grab hold. (Yeah, I'm thinking that while this design is more convenient for keeping the case close at hand, it carries the same, if not a higher, probability that my butter fingers are going to fumble and drop the buds when taking them out and putting them back in.)

With built-in wristband sensors and iOS / Android app pairing, Wearbuds are poised to be a top choice for athletes and workout warriors who like the idea of integrating their wireless earbuds with their fitness tracking. Even casual joggers, hikers, and cyclists, plus your average bear, might appreciate having a watch, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, and message reminder woven into their earbuds' charging case.

You can learn more about and pledge for some Wearbuds and their wristband charger here on Kickstarter through August 4, 2019.

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