Wayband Haptic Navigation App & Wristband

Posted: December 06, 2022
Wayband Haptic Navigation App & Wristband
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Hands-free? That all you got, newfangled tech? Well, Wayband sees your hands-free gadgets, and raises you one that's eyes-free and ears-free too. The Wayband Haptic Navigation App & Wristband is a personal navigator that relies on gentle vibrations to guide you where you're going - no looking or listening required.

No hands, either, just to cover that base too.

Whether you're on a run or a ride, or walking around a new city, or driving somewhere you've never been before, the Wayband App and its accompanying wristband can bzzz you there without making you to take your eyes of the road, or making you look like a tourist who doesn't know WTF they're doing. Even if it's true.

Wayband also notes with pride that their vibrating nav system helped the first person who's blind run the NYC Marathon without a sighted running guide.

Heads - and eyes, and ears, and haptic feedback senses - up, though: while the Wayband Wristband, shown above, is a one-time purchase, the Wayband App requires a monthly or yearly subscription for continued use.

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