Wallet TrackR

Posted: February 09, 2013
Wallet TrackR
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Just wait 'til the next dirty thief who tries to jack my wallet finds out I've got the Wallet TrackR. And a Sap Cap. And an extensive history of kicking people in the shins. About the size of a credit card and connected via GPS to your iPhone, the Wallet TrackR slides inside keepers of cash and sends an alert when its app is activated and the phone and wallet experience an unhappy separation.

In addition to basic notification services, the Wallet TrackR also takes a GPS reading of where your wallet was at the moment a separation notice goes through, and can project the coordinates on a map, in case your ears have been damaged from listening to too much loud rock music and you don't hear the alert. Also, if you've just misplaced your wallet somewhere at home or in what appears to be the apartment of that wily cougar from the bar last night, hit the Find button within the app as a Marco call, and the TrackR will ring! back a very helpful Polo. In Anti-Theft mode, the device will go all car alarm on a pilferer's ass and ring continuously when separated from your phone.

Currently, Wallet TrackR and its accompanying app enjoy compatibility with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad mini and the new iPod Touch. The project runs on Indiegogo through February 26, 2013, with anticipated delivery to backers in April 2013.

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