USB Heated & Ice Gel Cooling Eye Mask

Posted: October 02, 2020
USB Heated & Ice Gel Cooling Eye Mask
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The eyes are a window to...what you drank last night. Your sinus problems and seasonal allergies. How much sleep you're getting. Whether or not you're really over the breakup. So, yeah, your soul. And if you're not into everyone knowing the Ps and Qs of what's going on in your soul right now, you might grab one of these USB heated and ice gel cooling eye masks to help your eyes to put on a better poker face.

Each mask comes with both a heatable carbon fiber compress and ice gel pack. Swap them out based on what your baby blues, brown does, or green monsters are bogged down with - dry eye, puffiness, fatigue, under eye bags, or just too much light exposure. You can incorporate the eye mask into a TLC or spa treatment, or wear it while you sleep.

For heating, the mask has a remote with 5 levels of heat output, from 95 to 122 degrees F, plus a timer setting for 10 to 30 minutes of operation. You can also dampen the fluffy cloth mask to add humidity to your session.

For cooling, no power is needed, just a fridge to house the ice gel pack for long enough to drop its temperature.

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