Trova Go Discreet Biometric Smart Safe

Posted: December 31, 2020
Trova Go Discreet Smart Safe
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"Discreet" is the word with the Trova Go biometric smart safe. And an interesting choice of words too, given Trova touts their personal storage device as the perfect connected way to lock away your keys, jewelry, small electronics, and prescription meds. Do I really need to be discreet about wanting to keep those obviously valuable things safe? Do I really need a Bluetooth-enabled lock box I can open via face ID or thumbprint, one that is fitted with GPS tracking linked to my phone in case it's lost or stolen for my Advil and AirPods?


But I think the real "discreet" Trova is discreetly pushing with the Trova Go is the discreet storage and transport of your stash. After all, why else would they mention that in addition to maintaining privacy by locking up your personal items, the safe is covered in a silicone over mold to conceal odor?

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