TrapTap Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

Posted: March 30, 2016
$109 - $139
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The TrapTap could be a lifesaver. For schoolchildren. For your driving record. And mostly, for your wallet. This simple little button sticks onto your vehicle's dash and flashes red, blue, or green to warn you of speed traps, red light cameras, school zones, and road hazards. It's not a radar detector, but that's good news too because it means the TrapTap is also 100% legal to use all over the world.

At least for now.

According to TrapTap creator Bryce North, the device will arrive pre-programmed to detect and flash out indications of every red light camera, intersection speed trap, and school zone in over 60 countries. These notifications will glow red. It also encourages Waze-style community participation, allowing each TrapTap user to set notifications of cop radar traps, mobile speed traps, and road hazards. These will flash blue for all other TrapTappers driving by the designated areas. So too can individuals set personal reminders and parameters, say for roads with low or quick-drop speed limits, and the TrapTap will flash green when one of those comes into play.

You can set a TrapTap to blink either when you're approaching a trap, or just when you're speeding near one. To set a trap for yourself or the whole TT community, simply double tap the device at the appropriate location.

TrapTaps pair via Bluetooth with an app on iOS and Android devices.

If you feel the need, the need not to get nailed for speed, pledge for your TrapTap on Kickstarter through May 14, 2016.

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