The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Posted: August 05, 2014
The Barisieur Alarm Clock & Coffee Brewer
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Josh Renouf knows what the world really needs: coffee. Stat. Like, the second it opens its eyes. And it needs it served from The Barisieur, an alarm clock topped with implements from Beaker's lab. Very nice, Mr. Renouf. Maybe if your current brewer concept comes to fruition (it's currently in the works) it will even change our opinions of alarm clocks. I know it would at least persuade me to stop chucking mine into the laundry basket when it goes off every morning. No one likes brown stains on their underwear....

As visually interesting as it is practical, the Barisieur uses stainless steel ball bearings to boil water through induction heating at a sleeping user's pre-selected time. The heated water then siphons through a tube, into a mesh metal basket housing the ground coffee, where it percolates into a glass cup. The Brewer also has a slot for a vial of cream and drawer for storing unused coffee and sugar.

Not much is said about the alarm clock portion of the Barisieur, but here's hoping its Off and Snooze buttons are readily accessible to flailing, slapping hands that will otherwise wake up to a buzzer, the smell of freshly brewed dark roast, and first degree burns.

Those interested in tracking Barisieur progress can sign up for updates via Renouf's Website below. If/when the coffee brewing alarm clock is produced, it will probably cost between $250 and $400.

May 2016 Update: The Barisieur has launched a Kickstarter campaign for production. You can make your pledge for $387 through June 25, 2016 here.

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