Telekinetic Enhancer

Posted: July 12, 2013

Learn a different kind of quackery...um, I mean brain skill, with the Telekinetic Enhancer, a lightweight aluminum flyer thing that sits on a prong and lolls about in clockwise or counterclockwise circles when touched by the powerful energy emitted by your ultra-focused mind.

I haven't tried the honer o' telekinesis myself. Mostly because that pentagram thing on its base makes me nervous. Like, maybe if the rotor moves it's because dead spirits or the devil are moving it as they do Ouija board paddles. But while not having tried it means I can't endorse or put my all-knowing stamp of awesome on it, it also means that I can't discredit it. Not fairly anyway. Which has never really been an issue when deciding not to call a girl back because when we were making out I noticed a mole on her neck with a coarse hair growing out of it shaped like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo, but in this case, I will defer to fairness. Anyway, the girl in the video making the trainer do a mind whirl seems pretty legit, and both of its Amazon reviews are very positive, so I guess that's a testament that at least 3 people have experienced success with amplifying their telekinetic capabilities.

Or it could mean that at least 3 people are wackjobs.

The Telekinetic Enhancer's rotor measures 2", the pin 1-5/8" and the base 1-3/4" in diameter.

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