SystemSix Retro-Macintosh-Style Desk Calendar & Display

Posted: August 15, 2022
SystemSix Retro-Macintosh-Style Desk Calendar & Display

One reason not to get too excited about the SystemSix, a desktop piece that uses a retro Macintosh to display a calendar, the weather forecast, and the phase of the moon, is it doesn't use a real old-school Mac. The case is a laser-cut piece of 3mm acrylic, and there are no sides or back to it.

But one reason to get even more excited about the SystemSix is that John Calhoun of Engineers Need Art conceived and built it himself, using the aforementioned acrylic, a Raspberry Pi 3, and a 5.83" e-ink display from Waveshare. Not only is that kudos-worthy clever and talented of Calhoun, it means you can build your own SystemSix homage to 90s Macs too. Calhoun even provides guidance on how to do it on his SystemSix blog entry, and a link to the source code he wrote in Python, available on his GitHub page.

The SystemSix isn't interactive as Calhoun built it - the screen isn't a touchscreen, and all information appearing on it changes only according to your coding of what to fetch to display. This Mac is also coded to display a full trash can once a week, on Mondays to remind Calhoun to take his trash to the curb for Tuesday's pickup.

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