Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control

Posted: October 28, 2014
Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control
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What I want to know is can this 1:1 screen-accurate replica of the phaser Captain James T. Kirk wielded in the 2660s beam me some free HBO and Pay Per View movies of a certain, uh, adult variety? Nyet? Well, can it at least flip me from Family Guy to Mythbusters at the mere threat of complete disintegration? A threat and a flick of the wrist--affirmative.

This Star Trek Original Phaser is both a highly detailed replica crafted to precise form and scale from a 3D scan of the last remaining Phaser prop in existence and! a fully programmable, gesture-based universal remote control. Use its infrared tech (second only to directed-energy) to stun into submission anything from TVs and DVD players to stereos and iPod docks.

Suitable for the most die hard of Trekkies--and possibly only for them--the Phaser remote comes with the following features:

  • Detachable MK I Phaser unit
  • Removable side door revealing an illuminated dilithium crystal power cell
  • Original series Phaser and Star Trek sound effects
  • Lights up and vibrates when turned on and fired [which leads me to believe it may have an in with sexy PPV movies after all.]

The OG Phaser comes in a rugged, foam-lined weapons crate (because only loser remotes live their day-to-day out in the open on the coffee table) and a nickel-plated museum-quality metal stand (because only loser remotes get shoved in the drawer of an end table when company comes over).

The Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control is a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.

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