Sonny Portable Bidet

Posted: August 06, 2019
Sonny Portable Bidet
$98 - $125
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Butt showers to go! Sonny is a portable bidet, a wand that slips in your pack or purse to deliver that cleansing, hygienic, waste-free spray of water to crotches, cheeks, and sphincters using unequipped toilets. Or popping a squat in the woods. Or relieving themselves anywhere that doesn't see the light of bidet.

Sonny says they designed their slick portable bidet (in collaboration with industrial design firm Box Clever, who also share their personal hygiene product vision with Nebia) to "reduce your environmental burden while increasing your personal cleanliness." The minimalistic sprayer consists of a sleek anodized aluminum tube housing a refillable water cartridge, rechargeable battery, and interchangeable spray pattern nozzles that jet-clean your ass at standard or high pressure settings. In public restrooms or the homes of friends with questionable sanitation practices, Sonny provides a hygienic way to cleanse your nether regions without having to touch too many things in and around the toilet, or waste a wad of toilet paper.

Well. Presuming your can torque your body and maneuver your hand in such a way that you hit your target without knocking up against the toilet bowl, or dunking your fingers in your freshly made pee / poo water.

The Sonny portable bidet seeks crowdfunding here on IndieGoGo through August 10, 2019.

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