Sonic Assault Electronic Disruption Device

Posted: April 12, 2016
Sonic Assault Electronic Disruption Device
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File it under "Prank." "Leg Up." "TCB." Or "Revenge." Shomer-Tec's Sonic Assault Electronic Disruption Device looks like no more than a nondescript gray box--a useless one, perhaps. You can even flip its switch and nothing will appear to happen.

Ahhhh, appearances.

When activated, this simple box emits a frequency powerful enough to make anyone who hears it feel unsettled, uncomfortable, unfocused, and unwanting to come 'round these parts no more. In other (Shomer-Tec's) words, the Sonic Assault Electronic Disruption Device is a "highly effective government-grade Sonic Nausea device."

One Sonic Assault application is dispersing a riled up crowd, loiterers, or a group of punk kids hogging the Street Fighter II arcade at your favorite Chicago-style pizza joint. Equally interesting, you can flick it on near someone giving a speech or monologue in acting class (this swell dating story gave me that idea) to F with their concentration and make them squirm. Shomer-Tec notes the device has also been proven to debilitate audio capturing devices, such as microphones, since its frequency masks surrounding noise. The company says presidential candidates past and present have used these products to curtail prying ears and media rats during private speech events.

In addition to its sexy gray lines and angles the Sonic Assault Electronic Disruption Device has an on / off switch and LED status indicator. Shomer-Tec says their current version outputs triple the sound pressure levels of the previous model, and boasts more directionality and increased projection.

Muchas danke to Shilpa S. for the Dude Product Tip.

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