Smell of Coffee Alarm Clock

Posted: March 08, 2018
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Waking up to the smell of coffee, but paired with the sound of your alarm clock - ahhh, the Smell the Coffee Clock is an exercise in the bittersweet. Maybe even more bitter than sweet once you realize those wafts of fresh brew that have been drifting by your nose for the past 3 minutes are only a diffused fragrance from a scent cartridge, not real hot coffee Last Night You remembered to preload in the coffee maker and program to auto-brew as a kindness to This Morning You.

Similar to the SensorWake, the Smell the Coffee Clock combines diffuser with alarm, using an interchangeable cartridge packed with caffeine bean aroma to start spreading wake-up scents 3 minutes before a light and melodic audio alarm activate.

If coffee isn't your thing The Smell the Coffee Clock, ironically, also comes with 6 other scent cartridges, including peppermint, orange juice, fresh cut grass, seaside, pine woods, and apple-cinnamon. Each one is good for 30 x 3-minute alarm sessions.

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