SKYTech High Powered Laser Pointers

Posted: December 27, 2015
SKYTech High Powered Laser Pointers

If you're on a laser hunt but "just looking for something cheap that'll burn out after a couple months," SKYtech will have to point you in a different direction. Maybe using TO-38 diodes and a 1,000mW indigo blue beam. SKYtech's handheld laser pointers come with a quality guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and are powerful enough for professional use. They are also affordable enough for the rest of us non-professionals to set up for burning through electrical tape and melting snow in our backyards. Us non-professionals over the age of 18 with safety glasses in place, of course.

Despite being just 7" long and less than an inch in diameter SKYtech handheld lasers contain the same NICHIA or OSRAM laser diodes, as well as the same sophisticated features as many of the company's larger and more powerful portable lasers. The handhelds have patented SKYtech focus adjustable optics, which enables users to vary the laser's beam divergence by twisting a knob. This control over spot size translates to complete tuning control for burning / heating, distance pointing, lighting, and experiments. SKYtech produces the handheld lasers in blue, green, red, and violet. Each is fitted with FDA-compliant locks and safety features, including a mechanical aperture shutter, key switch, remote interlock connector, 3- to 5-second delayed output, and LED emission indicator. TO-38 laser diodes are encased in aircraft grade aluminum shells hard anodized in black.

Check out the SKYtech website for additional videos, specs on laser color wavelengths and power output, and to purchase your own.

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