Silent Alarm Clock & Sleep Sensor

Posted: July 12, 2012

Anecdotally, I would describe the LARK Silent Alarm Clock & Sleep Sensor as analogous to the paradigm of getting the boss man to implement your Big Idea by convincing him he thought of it himself. Combining subtle vibration technology with sleep pattern science and tracking methods, LARK stirs the slumbering so gently and inconspicuously that they are convinced they woke up all by themselves. As if by choice. Imagine: rolling out of a bed at 5:30 a.m., and believing it is all on your own accord!

In addition to the sense of power and bodily control the silent alarm aspect of LARK instills in its users, combined with its analytical sleep sensor element the device helps to reduce heart rate variability, stress levels, and blood pressure spikes--all contributors to the groggy feeling so many of us lug around for the first few hours of our mornings. [Note: I have found that dreaming of being on the losing end of a zombie apocalypse, and accidentally drinking a 12-pack of Miller Light by myself also contribute to morning time grogginess, but though I looked really hard, I found no mention of LARK assuaging these particular champions of feeling like shit in the a.m.] LARKs are compatible with most iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Packages include a wireless Bluetooth sleep sensor, black band, charging dock, power cable, the LARK Up app, and a free personal online dashboard at Lark.com. Other LARK Silent Alarm & Sleep Sensor nuggets of sweetness include:

  • Actigraphy sleep pattern sensor for tracking thousands of micro-movement data points during the night. This data feeds into the LARK Up app and is displayable on your iDevice or personal online dashboard so you can see how long you sleep each night, as well as the quality of rest in terms of how long it takes you to fall asleep, when/if you wake up throughout the night, and how much time you spend tossing and turning.
  • User-created audio back-up in the LARK app to ensure you'll rise and shine in the event the evil person sleeping next to you removes your wristband while you sleep as payback for your snoring.
  • Soft, comfy wristband that, according to LARK makers, feels like "wrist pajamas". [Holy crap, I have been looking for some wrist pajamas!]
  • LARK cradle charges both iPhone and wristband
  • Mobile app and personal online dashboard include one 7-Day Sleep Assessment, a personalized sleep report from the top sleep experts in the world. [So, stoners?]

The alarm/sleep sensor mechanism is low-profile, measuring 1.7" wide x 1.6" long, and weighing only 0.05 pounds. For more information about the science behind the concepts, check out the LARK Website.

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