Sensate Infrasonic Therapy Stress Management Device

Posted: December 30, 2021
Sensate Infrasonic Therapy Stress Management Device
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Sensate is a gadget for reducing stress and calming your body's nervous system. Kind of like a vibrator, which is what I thought the Sensate was when I first looked at it. But rather than intense vibrations or rub-a-dub-dub movements, this stress management device uses subtle sonic resonance to provide relief.

When placed on your chest, Sensate technology sends infrasonic waves into your body, aiming for the nervous system's vagus nerve. Known as the "gut-brain superhighway," the vagus nerve connects major organs, and allows them to communicate. This means it also plays a key role in how the body reacts to stress. Think of Sensate waves as good vibes delivered via bone conduction to the vagus nerve, encouraging it to chill out.

Combined with an app that plays hemispheric audio, Sensate makers say daily sessions of as little as 10 minutes can use the gut-brain superhighway to speak to the body's command center, and give us more control over our response - mentally and physically - to life's stressors. In addition to helping you feel better immediately during use, Sensate's goals are to equip people with the mindset to cope with negativity and badness over the long term, and increase heart rate variability, a biomarker of health and longevity.

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