Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm

Posted: November 28, 2016
Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm
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Your personal tattletale, Sammy Screamer goes on guard against sticky fingers, nosy noses, and hands getting too close to the cookie jar (or liquor cabinet). The palm-sized alarm is motion sensitive, bleeping out loud, plus sending a notification to your smartphone, anytime sometime tries to move her, or moves your stuff enough to get her attention.

Hang or stick a Sammy Screamer onto anything you want to keep an eye on, but may need to take both eyes off of from time to time. Doors and windows. Backpacks and purses. Baby strollers. Mysteriously disappearing batches of Christmas cookies. With Bluetooth LE connectivity, the alarm will sound and send a message to its accompanying Bleep Bleeps app on your smart device. You can also use the app to put Sammy to sleep when you don't want it active, and then to wake it back up when you do.

One kinda major drawback: since the Screamer is not a WiFi-connected device, it does have a pretty limited range of 30 meters (about 100 yards) or less. So you can't put one on the XBox controller before going to work and expect to get an alert when your kid who's grounded from it comes home from school and starts playing video games.

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