Royole RoKit - Flexible Electronics Development Kit

Posted: July 25, 2021
Royole RoKit - Flexible Electronics Development Kit

The RoKit from foldy smartphone designer Royole is a flexible electronics development kit with an open platform, designed for makers to help Royole improve their technology and product offerings.

OK, just cynical-ling about that last part, though it will surely benefit all parties involved in some way.

The all-in-one toolkit comes with a fully flexible display model - similar to the one used in the Flexpai Smartphone - a fully flexible sensing module, a development motherboard, an HDMI adapter board, various cables, and an outfitted accessory box to help you build and program your way into bendable greatness. According to Royole, the toolkit is easy for those with a little developer knowledge to use, and takes just 5 minutes to set up.

The Royole RoKit's fully flexible display can expand hardware design possibilities to:

  • Create more dynamic experiences not bound to rigid forms and shapes.
  • Improve human-device interaction with fully flexible sensors compatible with a wide range of materials, from leather to paper to cloth.
  • Make dumb products smart. The Royole RoKit has Android 10 support and designs can integrate with Android-based apps.
  • Connect the world! I mean, with WiFi and Bluetooth, support for which is built into the RoKit's motherboard.
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