Red Light Therapy Slipper for Foot Pain

Posted: October 06, 2021
Red Light Therapy Slipper for Foot Pain
$149.99 - $289.99
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Forget Prince Charming, what Cinderella really wants is a pair of red light therapy slippers to ease the immense foot pain she's got from waltzing at balls and trying to sprint home at midnight in damn glass shoes. Hard, pinching, cutting if you're not careful - this is fairy tale footwear? More like slippers from hell.

And, ironically, the slippers that claim they can soothe and assuage the effects of poor shoe choices - plus a host of other hellish conditions, ranging from arthritis to neuropathy - glow bright with infrared LEDs that might also conjure images of Satan's domain.

The red light therapy slippers are sold singly or as a pair, and claim to offer pain relief and muscle relaxation, plus aid in injury recovery. Infrared treatments are timed to shut off automatically after 20 minutes, and should not be run for more than 40 minutes per session, though it is safe to use the slippers multiple times per day.

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