Rebel Microlight Fidget Spinner

Posted: February 26, 2017
$70 - $130
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Know, and probably love, Zero Hour's new Rebel Microlight Fidget Spinner in 30 seconds or less with one click. This one. The short demo video gives you the full tour of the visual splendor that comes with merging a pair of disc LEDs with a spin toy. If that's not enough for you, check out the GIF here for a glimpse into the Rebel's utility as an EDC tool too.

Zero Hour turns up the wattage on pop culture's current spinner and fidget toy trend (which I still think kicked off here almost 3 years ago with Meg Dattoria's Fidget Rings) with the addition of super bright LED click lights. The Rebel's microlights pop in (and out if you want) either end of the oblong spinner and click through Low, Medium, High, and Strobe settings with a fidgeting press of a finger. From there, Zero Hour has built in multiple grip and touch points along the Rebel body and added a ceramic bearing that "goes from 0 to 60 in a flick of the finger!"

Carrying the Rebel with you won't just keep idle hands from doing Devil's work, the wide-beams output of its LEDs give enough light to find your way back to your car at night, your room from the beach, or to that scratching sound coming from the dark and scary basement.... Microlights use standard, replaceable CR1620 batteries.

Pledge for your Zero Hour Rebel in Matte Black Aluminum, Polished Titanium, or Sandblasted Titanium here on Kickstarter through March 25, 2017. And be sure to check out Dude's gallery of the Best Fidget Toys & Fidget Spinners too.

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