rabbit r1

Posted: January 10, 2024
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Step aside Siri and Google Assistant, there's a new AI sheriff in town, and it's hopping straight from the future. Meet the Rabbit R1, a pint-sized powerhouse that's more than just a pretty face. This little gizmo, with its luminous orange exterior and quirky design by Teenage Engineering, is not your average AI assistant. It's like if the Playdate had a techie cousin who's always one step ahead.

The Rabbit R1 isn't just another voice-activated helper. No, this clever critter is powered by a "large action model" (LAM) that does more than just answer questions. It navigates apps and web interfaces like a pro, making hotel bookings or controlling Spotify with the ease of a human. Say goodbye to the limitations of APIs and hello to a world where your AI assistant can learn new tricks right alongside you. It's not just smart; it's adaptable.

The R1 comes with a 2.88-inch touchscreen for visual feedback, a camera that knows when to mind its own business (it's blocked when not in use!), and a push-to-talk button that ensures it only listens when you want it to. And did I mention it's priced at a wallet-friendly $199? It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket, minus the awkward small talk.

So, whether you're teaching it to remove watermarks in Photoshop or just need a hand with your daily tasks, the Rabbit R1 is here to hop to it. It's the kind of tech that makes you wonder what's next in the AI world. Are you ready to take the leap down the Rabbit Hole?

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