Qi Wireless Charging Table with 360 Bluetooth Speaker

Posted: September 21, 2019
QI Wireless Charging Table with 360 Bluetooth Speaker
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Seems like the only time anyone puts their phone down is to charge it*, so wouldn't it be nice if the simple act of setting it on the table got the battery juices flowing, no further action required? Oh hey, a Qi wireless charging table for the living room. For the bedside. For the front entryway.

This Qi-embedded table has a (very nice looking) black walnut wood surface with plenty of space to recharge any of your Qi-enabled devices without the clutter of docks and cables. Big, booming bonus: just below the wood top is a fabric-wrapped 360-degree Bluetooth speaker system for adding some ambience to the room, and playing chill tunes to help ease the separation anxiety you feel waiting for your bars to hit 100%.

Weeellll... maybe 60% is good enough.

The table's speaker has a 6600 mAh built-in battery for a playback time of 3 to 7 hours per charge, depending on volume level. Unfortunately, when it comes time to recharge, it doesn't appear that you can sit the speaker on top of itself to take advantage of the Qi.

*OK, couple of other times: sexy time; something more juicy is on TV; Mama's yelling at you to "Put down that damn phone for 5 minutes and come say hello to your Aunt Jan!"

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