Proto M Holographic Communication & Media Device

Posted: May 08, 2022
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Proto's forthcoming M is a tabletop holographic communication / media device and, in my opinion, the newest best way to have dinner with your in-laws. Look at how happy that mom and baby look talking to Hologramma on the M. Mama isn't frenzied trying to cook a meal, or stressed about how clean her house is. And when Hologramma tells her she should maybe try wearing a little more makeup so she doesn't look so washed out, she can just blame it on the room's lighting and the Metaverse's translation of her face across space and time. And then she can add that eventually, Hologramma will probably be able to put whatever clothing and makeup on her daughter's virtual self that she sees fit.

And augmented, dynamic conversations with people you can't, or would rather not, see in person is only the beginning of what the Proto M is proposing to do. Think heightened online shopping experiences in stores where you can virtually try on clothes. Watching movies and playing games with depth and life, and without having to clamp a Total-Recall-style headset over your cranium. In-home personal training sessions, either over a streaming platform or with your actual personal training teleconferencing in, that feel like the trainer is actually in your home. A super-fly way to display the NFTs you spent all those dolla-dolla bills on.

The Proto M is Proto Cloud-compatible, and can both live stream and play scheduled volumetric content. It is built with an AI-enabled smart camera and multitouch holographic display. Ahhh, how far we've come since the mirascope.

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